Every enterprise has its genesis, a beginning that it humbly remembers even after coming a long way off from it. Rewinding the clocks for ourselves, and jumping back to the year 1979, we were a brand that had come up as manufacturers of voltage stabilizers and servo, and with our craft of producing and delivering quality products and service in that product range, we gradually began to establish a genuine trust towards ourselves in the customers we served.


  • Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO – GMP)  By : UK Cert. PVT Ltd,  Year - 2016
  •  ROHS Complaint  By : UK Cert. PVT Ltd,  Year - 2016
  • ISO 9001: 2015 By : UK Cert. PVT Ltd,  Year - 2016
  • ISO 14001: 2015 By : UK Cert. PVT Ltd,  Year - 2016
  • Gold Member Water Quality Association By : Water Quality Association,  Year - 2016
  • CE Certification By : UK Cert. PVT Ltd,  Year - 2016

Bluebird Pure's water treatment applies most advanced technology to remove hardness, sand, odour, colour, chemical impurities etc. and makes water ideal for the use in domestic and wide range of industries.


  • FRP Vessel
  • Nylon Locking
  • Blueion Resin
  • Birm Media
  • Silex Media
  • Fine & Coarse Sand Media

Alkarich Technology facilitates movement of purified water through baked clay of natural minerals and stones and gives you water rich in minerals and alkalinity. It consists of the followings:

  • Natural Calcium - Calcium is a very important mineral for human body as it benefits the development of bones, teeth and many body organs.
  • Natural Magnesium - It is the second most required mineral by human body. This is vital for normal functioning of Human body cells.
  • Mountain Anti-Oxidization Natural Minerals - Adds Potassium, Chlorides and Sodium to your water. These minerals are required by human body and cells for proper functioning of the body.  It also reduces the ORP of water.
  • Natural Black Silica Stone - Black silica contains many natural minerals and emit Infrared Rays and Negative Ions which makes water clusters small and smooth. Black Silica by Nature has a strong ability to remove odor.
  • Granular Magnetic Natural Tourmaline Stone - Energizes water by further reducing water clusters and molecules.
  • Bacteriostatic Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon - Kills bacteria and improves taste of the water.

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