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Since 1979, Bluebird is a trusted brand in the field of voltage & stabilizer & servo for its Quality Products & Services. With over 35 Years of experience in understanding real time Consumer need, the company entered into healthcare Product segment with product line of water purifiers under the same brand Bluebird. Bluebird water purifiers is a new member in the Bluebird Group of companies which bears ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Other Companies in the group are Bluebird Lights & Bluebird Solar.

he water purifier division is having its own manufacturing Unit in Delhi with modern assembly line, printing, Packaging, Facility and test Lab.

We have set up a research Lab to discover something new every year.

We have a team of the Gem from water purifier industry who are dedicate to provide above the international level product & services.

Chairman's Message

When I started Power control equipment manufacturing business in 1979 mainly voltage stabilizer, a big question was in my mind about brand name.

I was bit confused that should I keep a name which would indicate the product character or should I keep a name which will be easier to remember. In the process, I contacted my German counterpart to consult me.

There were 2 questions asked by him. One Why I was starting power control business stabilizer, Why people of India need stabilizer. Answer was very simple. It was real time need.

The German partner suggested me to sale “Happiness to Consumer” by providing the quality product which will keep them out of worry and tension of improper functioning of their electrical equipment and appliances.He suggested me to keep the brand name which is the sign of “Happiness” and suggested me the name “Bluebird”.

Bluebird traditionally stands for Happiness. The phrase "Bluebird of Happiness" was originally coined by playwright Maurice Maeterlinck in his 1908 play "The Blue Bird" and has since entered the popular lexicon. In the United States, September 24 is National Bluebird of Happiness Day. This was the first time that the Bluebird was used to symbolize Happiness, but it was not the last. The phrase quickly entered the lexicon, inspiring the state bird of Missouri as well as songs such as the 1934 Radio City Music Hall number

"Bluebird of Happiness." This extremely popular song, helped to cement the phrase in popular culture as much as the Maeterlinck play.

On National Bluebird of Happiness Day, gifts that include Bluebird imagery are given to wish happiness upon the recipient. The symbolic connection between Bluebirds and happiness is not likely to be broken.Getting the detail about Bluebird, I decided to enter in the market under brand name Bluebird by providing a quality product which will keep away the consumer from all worries related to power fluctuation and my product will spread Happiness among consumer of Bluebird stabilizer.

Since then the philosophy of my company is to provide the quality product and service to consumer. For more than 35 years, we have served only quality products. Even today, our prestigious customers thank us for the quality product which is still functioning after decades.

Still today, my company is maintaining the same quality of products and services. My aim is to upgrade the quality and services using latest technology. The processes are always on.

Now, as diversification, my company entered into Water Purification product segment with the same philosophy of providing quality products and services. Extensively researched 2 years about real time problem of water purifier industry before deciding to enter into this business and observed that the quality measure is a larger issue. 70% of water purifier industry in India is captured by unorganized sector. They are compromising with the quality to earn more profit. Less knowledge about water and water purification system among the customers plays a major role in boosting the manufacturer and seller of inferior quality water purification products.I have widen my mission for water purification industry to make aware the consumer about the reality of water and water purification products through different medium like print and television advertisement, organizing time to time seminar, group discussion etc. so that they must be well versed to differentiate between a NON QUALITY AND QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

With this, I assure every single user of Bluebird Water purifier, whether they use RO water purifier system, Offline Filter, Iron Filter or Water softener, that they will get the best quality product and services which will bring Happiness in the life.