Air Purification

Air purifier, an effective devise used to remove airborne contaminants, is also known as air cleaner. By using it, the cleanliness of air can be improved effectively, protecting people from various respiratory diseases.

There are mainly five air cleaning technologies widely used in the air cleaning machines, namely, HEPA filter technology, Activated-carbon filter technology,Ionizertechnology, Ozone technology and Ultraviolet light technology.

Needs of Air Purifier :

 In addition to investing in your health, they can help with allergies, unpleasant smells, snoring and more.

  • Sneezing less Smart breath : Air purifier contains HEPA filters that will help you filter out most of all airborne allergens.
  • Smell proof disinfectants house : Many harmful substances in the house comes from carpeting, adhesive, and varnishesan air purifier will help tremendously.
  • For Fresh & Clean Air : If you breathe in and the air smells bad, you might have poor quality indoor air. You can try ventilator, but an air purifier will guarantee that you reduce any smelly, foul odors that might be wafting through your home.
  • Dust proof house : Air purifiers will certainly help to reduce the amount of dust around the house.
  • Old Age protection : Let's face it our bodies don't work quite as efficiently as they used to. Having a constant flow of clean air is just like eating a balanced diet - it helps to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and promote longevity.
  • Prevent allergies : Allergies are not only aggravated by airborne particles like dust, pollen and dander, but also by airborne chemicals from cleaning products, flooring and furniture. Only an air purifier with pounds of activated carbon and HEPA filtration can remove 99.97% of airborne particles and harmful airborne chemicals.
  • For better Immune system : When the immune system is weakened by illness or certain medical treatments, it may not be able to rid the body of toxic pollutants as effectively. People with compromised immune systems are also at a greater risk for severe complications from infections and viruses. 
  • Home – office protection : Many people are unaware that computers, printers, and fax machines give out gas and low levels of chemicals which can easily be inhaled.

Features :

  • HEPA filter : HEPA is a common acronym used in filters that stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters are designed to capture over 99 percent of all 0.3 micron (and larger) particles in the air. These particles include typical allergens like mold spores, dust and pollen.
  • Carbon filter : Charcoal and carbon filters are designed to neutralize odors by absorbing gasses. Basically, activated carbon has been treated with oxygen to make it more adsorbent, and gasses that are too small to be caught by a HEPA filter bond with the charcoal and the odor is removed. These filters are excellent for dealing with smells, but they are not as effective at trapping allergens, such as pollen.
  • UV lamp : A UV filter works by killing living organisms; bacteria and viruses are susceptible to UV rays.
  • Photo Catalyst : The photo catalyst is a nano level titanium dioxide as the representative of the photocatalytic function of optical semiconductor materials, coated on the surface of the substrate under ultraviolet lamp, has a strong catalytic degradation function , effective degradation of toxic and harmful gases in the air, can effectively kill a variety of bacteria and the bacteria or fungi release toxin and harmless treatment, at the same time also has a deodorant, anti-fouling air purification and other functions. 
  • Negative Ion Generator : Negative ion is able to neutralize and precipitate positive dust, harmful microorgism  and piousness gas, which helps effectively purify the air. Negative ion is also known as ‘ air vitamin’ it increased the oxygen content in the blood, which is beneficial for blood and oxygen transportation and absorption, promote the metabolism of human body enhance immunity systems.
  • Aromatherapy :  The machine is built-n clean cotton silver, can increase perfume aromatherapy essential oils and other liquid.
  • Air Quality Sensor : The device is equipped with built -in high sensitive smell sensor, which is automatic detect air pollution quality and adjust operating level.
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