Nowadays, air pollution has reached at an alarming situation which causes, many health impacts on human body like acute respiratory tract infection, cancer of larynx bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, eye irritation etc.

Air purifier is a device which removes contaminants from the air and makes it ideal for breathing which prevents mankind from the allergies.

Bluebird Pure's Air purifier uses the advanced Hepa technology to remove dust, pollen, sulphur di-oxide, carbon monoxide, PM10 and PM2.5 etc.

Bluebird Pure has a wide range of Air purifiers categorized into room air purifiers, commercial air purifiers and car air purifiers.

Bluebird Pure's air purifier has 7 stages of filtration which are (Pre-filter, Cellular-Activated Carbon, cold catalyst, Anti-microbial Filter, HEPA Filter, UV, Anion Generator).

There are various advantages of using Bluebird Pure's air purifiers like, it cleans the indoor air and makes it allergic free and ideal to breath, it makes your surroundings free from contaminants and gives you fresh and clean environment. It also helps in neutralizing odours by observing gaseous with its charcoal and carbon filters, hence giving you fresh and pure air.

It protects your health and well being by removing and trapping allergens with its advanced heap filters. Bluebird Pure's air purifiers also kills germs, bacteria and viruses through UV rays, ensuring the air you breathe is harmless to your body.

Product Range of Air Purifiers

Bluebird Pure NaturO2 Room AIR PURIFIERS
NaturO2 Room

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Bluebird Pure NaturO2 Dual Core AIR PURIFIERS
NaturO2 Dual Core

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Bluebird Pure NaturO2 Cabin / Small Room AIR PURIFIERS
NaturO2 Cabin / Small Room

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Bluebird Pure NaturO2 Commercial AIR PURIFIERS
NaturO2 Commercial

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Bluebird Pure PurO2 Car AIR PURIFIERS
PurO2 Car

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Bluebird Pure NaturO2 Car AIR PURIFIERS
NaturO2 Car

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