Pollution in India is at an alarming situation. With a vision to provide pure & healthy air and water for everyone, Bluebird Pure's car Air pure has launched an air purifier with heap filter to provide clean and healthy air on the go.

Bluebird Pure has 2 models in car air purifier category, PurO2 Plugin and NaturO2 Car. NaturO2 Car air purifier has is equipped with technology that removes pollutants and bad odour from the air inside the car and creates a fresh and healthy environment to breathe. It acts upon bacteria & viruses and also removes PM 2.5 and PM 10 present in air and protects from various other disease causing agents.

PurO2 Plugin air purifier removes PM 2.5, PM 10, dust, pollen and smoke by releasing negative ions. PurO2 Plugin comes in crystal finish design and gives freshness by removing odour by generating ozone.

Product Range of Car Air Purifier

Bluebird Pure PurO2 Car CAR AIR PURIFIERS
PurO2 Car

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Bluebird Pure NaturO2 Car CAR AIR PURIFIERS
NaturO2 Car

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