As we all know that indoor is almost 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. We normally used to be in office from 9 to hours daily. Generally offices are designed with no ventilation, ventilation in offices are generally done through the AC vents while ACs doesn’t purify the air hence we need which purify the indoor air at commercial places to ensure the pure and healthy air for everyone.

Bluebird Pure's Commercial Air purifier has 2 models. NaturO2 Cabin Air purifier has 7 stage of purification and is equipped with high grade Hepa filter and NaturO2 Commercial Air purifier has 6 stages of purification and also has latest Hepa technology. It also has auto sleep mode and light sensor and purify around 750 square feet area. 

Product Range of Commercial Air Purifier

Bluebird Pure NaturO2 Cabin / Small Room COMMERCIAL AIR PURIFIERS
NaturO2 Cabin / Small Room

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Bluebird Pure NaturO2 Commercial COMMERCIAL AIR PURIFIERS
NaturO2 Commercial

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