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Importance Of Water Purification

Mar 1, 2017 2:10:00 AM

Water is an extremely important element in all of our lives. After all, more than 80% of a human body is made up of this element. On this basis, it becomes clear that we depend on water for our health and wellbeing. The 

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Benefits Of Air Purifiers

Jan 6, 2017 12:52:12 AM

Fresh air has a very vital role in human’s life, if you are the one who spends most of the time in the air conditioned office or home then you are running your health on your own. You are basically forcing your body to use stale air. By doing so you are making it harder for your body to stay healthy and fresh.

There are numerous

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How Bluebird Pure is better than Simple Water purifiers?

Sep 28, 2016 7:49:00 AM

Pure and clean drinking water is the utmost necessity for all living beings and several researches have proved the ill effects of consuming impure water. While you can survive without food for a week or more, you cannot live more than 3 days without water. This means, you need to take a lot of care and see what you a ...

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Best water purifier in India for Domestic & Industrial use

Aug 30, 2016 7:43:00 AM

Bluebird Pure might not have been a traditional water purifier brand in the industry but this does not deters them to be on the top ranks when it comes to purity and delivery. The water purifier demand has risen in the country and Indian population is looking for some reliable and trusted source of water purification ...

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Benefits of Alkarich Technology

Aug 17, 2016 7:37:00 AM

Pure water forms one of the scarcest elements on Earth and the increasing level of pollution have made the earth water unhealthy and unsafe for drinking purpose. It has become more of a source of diseases than energy and that’s why new and new technologies are being launches in market every day. At moment we ar ...

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Why you need an Air Purifier

Jun 25, 2016 8:19:17 AM

The increasing level of pollution has led to contamination of air which is extremely unhealthy for people. According to reports by the Global Burden of Disease, published by a leading newspaper in India, outdoor air pollution has become the fifth largest cause of deaths by disease in the country. In the same report, ...

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Which type of water purifier to buy?

Jun 21, 2016 8:18:30 AM

Water, an essential and vital element for our life and thus, its purity must be accorded the highest priority by each individual. We also know the fact that most of the diseases are water borne or due to consumption of contaminated water. Unlike westerns countries, the tap water in India is highly unfit for drinking ...

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