Pure and clean drinking water is the utmost necessity for all living beings and several types of research have proved the ill effects of consuming impure water. While you can survive without food for a week or more, you cannot live more than 3 days without water. This means you need to take a lot of care and see what you are drinking with your glass of water.

While changing weather is often attributed to causing diseases, one of the facts that tend to overlook is that water borne diseases are apparent and they are on the rise these days. Regular tap water these days is full of substances like Chlorine, pesticides, unwanted minerals and others which you are consuming unknowingly.

Your water most probably supplies your body with:

  • Virus, Bacteria, Cysts & Protozoa.
  • New age impurities like lead, pesticides, heavy metals.
  • Chemical & inorganic impurities.

And that’s why some safe and reliable water purification is the need of time. While there are numerous brands competing in the market, claiming to bring you the purest form of water, the truth is somewhat unknown. Not necessarily it is that only big and known brands can provide you with trusted water source or the established name can provide you with the purest water. New and emerging quality oriented brands are making their mark in the market and ready to experiment and produce affordable water purifiers for regular Indian families.

Bluebird Pure Pvt. Ltd. have been the talk of the town recently. The brand, which is being endorsed by the renowned Anil Kapoor is providing some promising water purifiers to the Indian consumers. These water purifiers are way ahead than others and still fall under the affordable segment. How Bluebird Pure's water purifiers are better than regular purifiers? Here we go:

It uses the Japanese technology for purification:

Bluebird Pure's water purifiers rely on using the natural form of purification rather than adding chemicals and treating water with agents. These water purifiers use Alkarich technology, making the pH of water alkaline, serving it with minerals like Ca, Mg, Na and others that are essentially needed by the body.

They prefer Bio Green Technology

Bluebird Pure has kept the nature’s concerns in mind while developing their products. These water purifiers are low on energy consumptions as well as do not waste excess of water during purification.

AutoFlush Systems

The most common reasons for failure of regular water purifiers are frequent filter replacement. Bluebird Pure's water purifiers come with autoflush systems where once the purifying unit stops, the filters are automatically flushed and cleared to keep away damage and clogging.

Apart from these benefits, these purifiers feature larger tanks for higher capacity, removal of arsenic, heavy elements and other impure elements including bacteria etc. The output is best quality water that is pure than bottled drinking water. Their stringent quality standards are up to the mark and the taste of water is not lost even after treatment. This makes them unique and way ahead of others.