Water is an extremely important element in all of our lives. After all, more than 80% of a human body is made up of this element. On this basis, it becomes clear that we depend on water for our health and wellbeing.

Importance of Water purfication

Water is not only the most important chemical compound, but also an important component of industrial and home processes. If you analyze the composition of the impurities extracted natural water, it can greatly differ, based on where the water is pumped out. Thus, the water pumped from the river can be worse than the water pumped from the well. That is why the water treatment is essential to endorse the safety and protection from waterborne diseases.

The purification of water is a process of great importance since it allows supplying water ready to be consumed to enormous human groups. In general, this process is undertaken by specialized companies that apply a series of processes to extract water from large rivers or lakes.

The treatment of the fluid is performed until it has conditions of lack of smell, color and taste; once these conditions are reached, the water is distributed to be consumed without any contamination problems. There is a great need to reduce costs with regard to this process, a circumstance that can undoubtedly mean the solution to the problems that affect many human beings.

Water purification processes

Water purification plays an indispensable role. Water purification guarantees access to drinking water. Whether it’s about domestic use or commercial purpose

Activated charcoal water purifier

Activated charcoal is an artificially produced coal containing thousands of micropores capable of attracting and trapping carbon-based water molecules. They can neutralize the chlorine and possible herbicides and pesticides that may be found in the water. These types of filters are the most common, and can be found on the kitchen counter, as they are connected directly to the outlet of tap water and in the water purification jugs.

Water purifier by reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is able to remove heavy metals and other harmful substances (sulfates, bicarbonates, etc.) by means of a set of coiled in spiral and semi-permeable membranes, with extremely small pores, allowing only the water molecules to pass. Pure and sterilized water is thus obtained.

Ozone Water Purifier (ozonizer)

These purifiers generate an electric field that adds an oxygen molecule that converts O2 to O3, which eliminates all kinds of bacteria by their oxidizing action. Ozone is able to eliminate bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi. It is mainly used in hospitals, food packaging plants and other activities that require hygiene and disinfection.

Ultraviolet light (UV) water purifier

One of the last classes of water purifiers that we can find is those that use ultraviolet light.

Its great advantage is that they do not use any chemical, thus avoiding altering the chemical composition of the water. These purifiers use ultraviolet lamps, which have a great germicidal power.

It produces radiations capable of eliminating the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in the water and that could not be eliminated by other ways. An ultraviolet purifier gives us pure, disinfected water without the need to use chemical elements, such as chlorine or chlorine dioxide.

How Bluebird Pure's water purifiers are best?

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Through this process, the water is purified with the help of clay and natural minerals and stones in order to provide water that is pure, free from germs and rich in alkalinity and minerals. While the regular water purifiers destroy germs and remove impurities during process, what happens is that they also remove essential minerals during the process. Alkarich technology removes such chances and offers water that is pure, rich and tasty!