Bluebird Pure with a vision to be a technologically advanced brand, it has launched a revolutionary patented bathing product called eco laundry wash which washes cloth without any detergent.

Ozone is a nature’s detergent and Bluebird Pure uses ozone technology to wash the cloth without any detergent to change the style of washing clothes. This technology uses electricity and oxygen to infuse ozone into the water to wash the clothes.

Eco laundry wash is compatible with any washing machine and upgrades the washing machine to wash the cloth without any detergent. Clothes washed by eco laundry wash has longer life of the fabric, it doesn’t have any detergent odour and keep the cloth away from any contamination and also maintains the colour of the clothes for a longer time.

Washing machine upgraded with eco laundry wash helps in saving the detergent cost and also save the water and does not contaminate water as well. Eco laundry wash washes cloth in cold water and it doesn’t require hot water to wash the cloth which helps in reducing the carbon foot prints. It is a completely green product.

Eco laundry wash washes the cloth perfectly even with hard water. There are various benefits of upgrading your washing machine with eco laundry wash:

  1. Green environment: Eco laundry wash doesn’t require detergent hot water and fabric softeners, hence keeps the environment clean and saves the energy.
  2. Chemical free washing: washing machine upgraded with eco laundry wash uses technology which is better and safer than bleach by providing ozone based wash without any poisonous chemicals.
  3. Perfect cleaning: it is proven that eco laundry wash eliminates infectious bacteria and mould from the clothes.
  4. Time and money saving: It washes the clothes in lesser time as compare to detergent and increase the life span of washing machine and cloth.

Product Range of Eco-laundry wash


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Bluebird Pure NaturoWash ECO LAUNDRY WASH

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