Bluebird Pure has a wide range of water purifiers in the category of Domestic RO, Commercial RO, Industrial RO and offline water purifiers. Bluebird Pure has introduced a revolutionary technology called Alkarich TechnologyTM.

In its domestic range, Bluebird Pure has introduced 8 stages of filtration with the combination of RO+UV+UF+Alkarich TechnologyTM to ensure only Pure and healthy water. Bluebird Pure's Commercial Water Purifier has 7 Stage of Purification and compatible with Water Cooler. It has a purification capacity of 50 litre Per hour. In an Industrial range of water purifier Bluebird Pure has 100 LPH to 1000 LPH purification capacity and it is equipped with latest technology and sturdy parts.

Bluebird Pure's offline water purifier has 3 stages of purification. It purifies water without any chemical like, chlorine and bromine. It also doesn’t require any electricity to purifier the water and ensure to remove physical impurities, cysts and bacteria.Reverse osmosis (RO) is the most popular and effective method to bring purity to your water.

In this process the pollutants go through a semi-permeable membrane, which guarantees to filter out most of the water pollutants (almost 99.9%). Bluebird Pure’s water purifier is equipped with latest technology like intelligent computer controlled LED display, Filter life indicator, auto flush system to enhance the life of membrane. Leak sensor alarm, UV fail alarm etc.

Product Range of water Purifiers

Bluebird Pure IRO - 100 WATER PURIFIERS
IRO - 100

Bluebird Pure Torriozo WATER PURIFIERS

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Bluebird Pure Torricol WATER PURIFIERS

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Bluebird Pure Grandiose WATER PURIFIERS

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Bluebird Pure Koshar WATER PURIFIERS

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Bluebird Pure Ideal WATER PURIFIERS

RO + Mineraliser

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Bluebird Pure Bluemoon WATER PURIFIERS

RO + UV + Alkarich Technology

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Bluebird Pure Ice Crystal WATER PURIFIERS
Ice Crystal

RO + UV + UF + Alkarich Technology

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Bluebird Pure Sialia WATER PURIFIERS

RO + UV + Alkarich Technology

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Bluebird Pure Dazzle WATER PURIFIERS

RO + UV + Alkarich Technology

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Bluebird Pure Pure Diamond WATER PURIFIERS
Pure Diamond

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Bluebird Pure IRO - 1000 WATER PURIFIERS
IRO - 1000

Bluebird Pure IRO - 500 WATER PURIFIERS
IRO - 500

Bluebird Pure IRO - 250 WATER PURIFIERS
IRO - 250

Bluebird Pure Sparkle WATER PURIFIERS

RO + UV + UF + Alkarich Technology

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