When luxury and purity collides
7-stages of water purification
Automatic water level sensor for ON/OFF
Auto flush valve for flushing of impurities out of membrane to enhance its life

RO + UV + Alkarich Technology



  •  Wall-mounting, Under Sink Storage along with aesthetically designed LED Display of Filter Life indicator and service alarm.
  •  7-stages of water purification.
  •  Suitable for any source of feed water (having TDS < 2000) like tap water, bore well water or storage tank water.
  •  Combination of Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet filtration and Alkarich TechnologyTM Filter.
  •  3.2 litres of storage capacity.
  •  Computer controlled operation with UV Fail alarm.
  •  Alkaline Mineral Filters along with Antioxidiser -VE ORP provides abundant Active Hydrogen and also increases reduction power by increasing pH, making small water cluster and providing healthy minerals.
  •  Auto flush valve for flushing of impurities out of the membrane to enhance its life.
  •  Automatic water level sensor for ON/OFF.
Applications Suitable for Purification of Brackish / Tap Water / Municipal / Borewell
Purification Capacity Upto 15 LPH
Maximum Duty cycle 5 Hour / Day
TDS Reduction Upto 90%
Storage Capacity 3.2 Ltr Approx
Box Dimension 370x230x475 MM
Mains Voltage 220 VAC (50 Hz)
Mounting Wall Mounting / Table Top
Net Weight 10 kg
Filter Cartridges Pre Filter With Anti Scalant + Sediment + Carbon + UV + AlkaRich Technology TM Filter
Purification Stages 7
Power Consumption 40 W
UV Lamp Wattage 11
Booster Pump Voltage 24 VDC
Auto Flushing System Yes
Min. Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg / cm2 to 3 kg/ cm2