Auto Passable

Making hard water soft was never so easy before
Reduces consumption of detergent, soap, shampoo etc.
Soft & Clean skin
Prevents Tap flush, Shower Head



  •  Spotless, Cleaner & shinier Crockeries & Utensils.
  •  Reduces consumption of detergent, soap, shampoo etc.
  •  Preserve the life of appliances such as Washing machine, Water Heater laundry equipment etc.
  •  Prevents Tap flush, Shower Head, Plumbing live from clogging due to deposition of calcium.
  •  Soft & Clean skin.
  •  Smooth & Shiny Hair.
Vessel Diameter In Inch 13
Vessel Height In Inch 54
Ion-Exchange Resin Quantity In Liter Blueion Brand 75
NaCI Quantity in Kg Each Regeneration 12
Output(X1000) Ltrs on 200 ppm Hardness 21
Regeneration Period in Days on 500 ltrs per day use 41
Maximum Flow Rate(X1000 Ltrs/ Hour) 3
Brine Tank Capacity(Litres) 80
Multiport Valve Automatic Operated
Multiport Valve Size & Mounting 25NB/Top
Maximum Operating Pressure(Kg/cm²) 3.5 Bar