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Every enterprise has its genesis, a beginning that it humbly remembers even after coming a long way off from it. Rewinding the clocks for ourselves, and jumping back to the year 1979, we were a brand that had come up as manufacturers of voltage stabilizers and servo, and with our craft of producing and delivering quality products and service in that product range, we gradually began to establish a genuine trust towards ourselves in the customers we served. With time this benign trust in the name of Bluebird Pure and the company's understanding of real time consumer need grew ceaselessly. Thriving on these very virtues of trust and understanding for over 37 years, the company ultimately crossed the threshold to the healthcare product segment, marking its entrance with a product line of water purifiers, water softener, Air Purifiers and Eco Laundry Wash (Detergent free washing) under the same name that has been traditionally regarded as an epitome of happiness: "Bluebird". And this is precisely what the company had in mind when it began in 1979, and this is exactly what it has been doing ever since: spreading happiness through each of its products.
Our products span over a range of Offline filters, Domestic RO systems, Commercial RO systems, Industrial RO Systems, water softener, Sand filter, Iron filter, Air Purifier and Eco laundry wash with the inclusion of various sub- categories within these primary divisions.
Bluebird Pure Pvt. Ltd. have bagged the various certifications like ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2015, CE, ROHS, WHO-GMP and also a Gold member of Water Quality Association of India. Within the first year of its operation, Bluebird Pure Pvt. Ltd. have bagged the best commercial RO water purifier award from the Water Digest Water Awards in collaboration with UNESCO.
A state-of- the-art manufacturing unit of Bluebird Pure Pvt. Ltd. is stationed in Delhi, with the most modern assembly line, and test lab, along with a research lab where in-house experts are constantly innovating and improving the existing technology to ensure purest water to the consumer.
Our vision has been clear since the time it took birth: to provide our customers with products and services that are best in quality. With our breakthrough in the healthcare product segment, this vision widened to make India a healthy nation by ensuring that the life of each citizen in this country is blessed with purity. We aim to fulfill this vision by providing green products which, we believe, will serve the nation by contributing in the "Swachhata Mission".


I embarked on this journey with the mission to help people escape from the problem of voltage fluctuations experienced all over India, which caused improper functioning of electrical equipments and appliances. Back then, in 1979, electricity problem was very common, and our stabilizers became an instant hit among the Indian masses.
The name "Bluebird" is synonymous with our vision which revolves around the happiness of the consumer. Today, we have extended our horizons and ventured into the healthcare products with the same goal- to bring maximum happiness to theend-user. Bluebird Pure- a range of water purifiers, water softeners, Air Purifier and Eco Laundry Wash (Detergent free washing).
It is our constant endeavor to provide consumers the best product from Bluebird group of companies. I sincerely hope every user of Bluebird Pure’s product is lively, vigorous and above all, happy. We will continue our efforts to innovate and advance our technology to give our consumers products that are better than the best. Team Bluebird Pure is constantly challenging itself to push its parameters and rise above the greatest. And in doing so, our only intention is to grow the happiness of our consumers.